This is a website for a ACM CHI 2019 workshop on rapidly emerging topic of Computational Modeling in HCI that aims to address the challenges of increasing complexity of human behaviors we are able to track and collect today. The goal of this workshop is to reconcile two seemingly competing approaches to computational modeling: theoretical modeling, which seeks to explain behaviors vs. algorithmic modeling, which seeks to predict behaviors. The workshop will address: 1) convergence of the two approaches at the intersection of HCI, 2) updates to theoretical and methodological foundations, 3) bringing disparate modeling communities to CHI, and 4) sharing datasets, code, and best practices. This workshop seeks to establish Computational Modeling as a theoretical foundation for work in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) to model the human accurately across domains and support design, optimization, and evaluation of user interfaces to solve a variety of human-centered problems.

Important Dates

March 1, 2019 (11:59 GMT) – submission deadline (EasyChair).
March 7, 2019 – submission decisions.
May 5, 2019 – workshop.

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